Monday, August 9, 2010

Design excellence

The Tami bar primo isnt the most original idea in the world it sure does give a new face to the once simple water purifier that every has owned at least once in thier lives. The interface of the water bar gives it its charm with the simplistic way of operating the machine, it turns the purifier into a somewhat fashionable piece to have in any home.
The deconstruction process by which i picked out raw visual elements was very intersting in that i would have never known how much deliberation there would have been in the design of small detail such as buttons.


  1. Seeing your poster, you have structured the layout of your poster really well making it easier to read and being able to distinguish the product you are analysing. I like it!

  2. I really love many aspects of this poster, the pictures, background and font work really well. I think that the only thing I could suggest is maybe that the text looks a little bit lost. This could be fixed with lines between the text and pictures like some of the other people did. However great poster overall.